Blackmans Bay House 2

The battleaxe site at Burwood Drive is very constrained by its orientation as well as the statutory setbacks and easements. The buildable area is relatively small.

The response is to use the non buildable areas to create a series of micro climate courtyards and spaces to form a house that benefits from the variety of landscape zones, thus creating stronger connections to outside spaces and to the wider borrowed landscape of the adjacent Peter Murrell reserve.

At the same time as creating a strongly enclosed and private place, rammed earth walls create a sense of permanence and security as well as providing high levels of thermal mass to further enhance the high levels of energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint.

Wide eaves provide weather protection for the walls as well as using seasonal changes for shading in the summer and deep penetration of sun in the winter.

The overarching architectural intent is to create a calm and secure place that enriches the life of the place as well as being as responsible about the resources used to build it as possible.

Year Built: 2019
Architect: David Travalia Architect
Engineer: JSA Consulting Engineers
Building Surveyor: Optimus Building Surveyors
Project Manager: Mark Singleton
Project Foreman: Stephen Marshall
Photographer: Eyefood