Flowerpot House

The top module clad in Tas Oak shiplap boards cantilevers at right angles over the lower which has been built using precast concrete panels in a broom finish.

Upstairs houses the kitchen / dining & lounge room on suspended off-form and Bondek structural slab with hydronic heated hard trowelled screed over, finished in a combination of Lustre Shield and Lustre Keep sealer. Clear Comfort Plus double glazing into timber, hand crafted, doors and windows throughout floods the house with light. The toughened, silicon butt joint floor to ceiling windows takes in the breathtaking views.

Downstairs features 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms (2 ensuite), library and access to garage. Precast walls & Ply finished stair feature wall coated with Livos Oil, glows. The glazed roof within the hall subtly illuminates the immediate space with natural light.

Challenges included: the deep excavation to the lower module due to the architects design intent to create a floating visual of the upper module from the western elevation; achieving continuity of detail with a 7mm margin around timber doors, windows and skirting protrusions.

Year Built: 2014
Architect: Maria Gigney Architects
Engineer: JSA Consulting Engineers
Building Surveyor: Pitt&Sherry
Project Manager: Jason Wagner
Project Foreman: Charlie Greenwood
Photographer: Kraig Carlstrom Photography