Lachlan Maclennan

Lachlan grew up in the Central West of NSW and undertook his Carpentry Apprenticeship as a mature age student. In 2006 Lachlan moved to Tasmania to pursue his passion of building wooden boats. Over the next 15 years he studied and worked at the Wooden Boat School in Franklin and other organisations. He has built a multitude of wooden boats ranging from 20 or so clinkers (many from Huon Pine), 4 Yachts and numerous smaller boats. Lachlan has also built various fine furniture pieces such as; mortise and tenon joinery, dovetail toolboxes and an assortment of furniture for personal use. Lachlan’s skills are what gives In2construction the edge when constructing fine architectural buildings.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Racing in the 8-metre world championships against King Harold of Norway. We lost badly.

What is your favourite thing about In2construction? Working on projects where everything is custom tailored to the job.

What are your hobbies outside of work? Playing music. I play piano, learning guitar and listening to blues and jazz.

What would your ideal project be? Building myself the perfect workshop / shed.