Battery Point House 3

Renovating a heritage property can be a complex and challenging process, but it can also be a rewarding experience that preserves the history and character of the home while updating it to meet modern standards and lifestyle needs.

The first step in renovating a heritage property is to research the history and architectural style of the home to understand its unique features and any preservation guidelines that may apply. This was achieved by an Architect who consulted with local historic preservation authorities & other experts.

Overall, renovating a heritage property requires a thoughtful, skilled, and detail-oriented approach that balances the desire to modernize with the need to preserve the property’s unique historical features and character. With the right planning and execution, In2construction successfully achieved heritage property renovation which created a beautiful and functional home that honours the past while serving the needs of modern life.

Korrunah at 38 Kelly St Battery Point is a 180-year-old Cottage made of Double and in some cases Triple hand-made “convict” bricks which were founded on Sandstone Footings. There was a very early brick outbuilding that had been at some stage incorporated into the original house and then a very early Weatherboard extension to that. The original Cottage had the basic 4 room layout with a central hall which was typical of the time.

To meet Heritage requirements the entire structure of the Brick and Weatherboard outbuilding was meticulously and methodically deconstructed and stored offsite to be painstakingly re-built, back in the exact location once the new extension slab was built under it. All the old bricks were taken away to be cleaned and brought back to be re-laid in lime-putty mortar with the lime being slaked onsite. One of these walls and the original sandstone fireplace is visible through the glass splashback in the new Kitchen.

To rescue the original cottage from the ravages of Rising Damp, an “Air-drain” was installed around the sandstone footings which required excavating down to the base of the footing, by hand so as not to disturb the footing, and installing Half Pilaster concrete blocks in a soldier course around the building.

The front verandah was partially taken down, repaired where possible and replaced where not and an entire re-roof of the cottage and Verandah in Galvanised Steel completed the cottage makeover.

The Burnished concrete slab had in-slab heating which provides the main source of heat in the house. A modern kitchen sits in the “old brick outbuilding” and looks out onto this space through an oiled black steel portal.

This project is one of the most successful projects In2Construction has been a part of. We had a great team of skilled tradesmen and women onsite that coupled with and enhanced the visions of the Clients and the Architects. We have walked away from this job with a great sense of pride and have formed a wonderful ongoing relationship with both the clients and the architects.

Awards:  2023 Master Builders Tasmania Awards for Excellence Winner: Heritage – Listed or Period Building Restoration / Renovation – Residential
Year Built: 2022
Architect / Designer: Spark Architecture
Engineer: Saltmarsh & Escobar
Building Surveyor: Pudding Lane Building Surveyors
Project Manager: Mark Singleton
Project Foreman: Lachlan MaClennan
Photographer: Eyefood