Beck Lauer

Beck has a passion for exceptional architecture and has advocated for considered design and construction excellence throughout her career.

Serving on the Tas Architects Institute Jury in 2018 and as the founding president of the Tas chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction, Beck respects integrity and positive collaboration.

How did you find yourself in the construction industry? My dad was a builder and as a kid I loved looking over the floor plans on his drafting table and then watching the buildings grow out of the ground and take shape. Seriously exciting stuff.

Why do you love great architecture so much? Buildings make us feel a certain way, as people we respond to them. It’s no accident that as tourists we gravitate towards the built form, we are transported to the ancient world when we visit Stonehenge, the Pyramids or the Colosseum. We feel awed and inspired when we visit the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal or La Sagrada Familia. It is the same with our own homes, a fabulous architect in tandem with a highly skilled builder will create a space that will uplift our life.

What are your hobbies? Camping at Orford or Bruny, socialising, cooking and ceramics – I studied fine art.