Hobart Terrace House

This project involves alterations to an existing 1800s terrace house in Hobart. The plan has been reconfigured to enlarge a compact footprint with the introduction of a private, weather-buffered landscape realm fashioned as a seamless extension of the interior space.

New built insertions containing the necessary functional utilities are introduced as free-standing ‘furniture’ pieces, offset from the surrounding existing fabric as a heritage gesture. An overscaled kitchen table incorporates the various functions of the kitchen around its perimeter, emphasising the role of the room as a place for gathering above that of conspicuous utility and convention.

A new bathroom, located in the place of an existing bedroom, is designed to be entirely removable so that the bedroom could be reinstated at a future date. The bathroom insertion is conceptualised as a building in miniature with independent rooms that allow for each function to be used simultaneously in a tiny footprint including; toilet, bathing area, vanity, laundry and linen cupboard.

Awards:  2023 Master Builders Tasmania Awards for Excellence Winner: Renovation / Addition $400,000 – $650,000
Year Built: 2022
Architect / Designer: Georgina Russell & Andrew Campbell
Engineer: Integral Consulting Engineers
Building Surveyor: Optimus Tyers Building Surveyors
Project Manager: Peter Ventieri
Project Foreman: Stephen Marshall
Photographer: Eyefood