Pastures Hill House

This comfortable family home is a great example of how to maximise a small block. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, a sunroom and an expansive living area within the house, there is still room for a children’s play space outside, along with many pocket gardens to provide prospect and refuge from the elements throughout the year.

Being predominantly north-east facing, the house has been designed to maximise the view over the bridge, the city and the river, and to capture the sun; resulting in a house that requires very little heating and cooling. In fact, the bedrooms have no heating or cooling and are comfortable all year round.

The site has previously housed stables, a small orchard and produce garden as well as being used for beekeeping. In the garden, the owners have tried to honour this history by replanting various fruit trees and creating a ‘bee’ garden to entice the bees back to the area. Reminiscent of the typology of barns and stables, the pitched ceiling and open length of the living area pay homage to the history of the area and the ‘barn doors’ on the front elevation open up to reveal the new occupants of the home.

Year Built: 2020
Architect: Laura Callingham Architect
Engineer: Aldanmark Consulting Engineers
Building Surveyor: Pudding Lane
Project Manager: Mark Singleton
Project Foreman: Mark Thiessen
Photographer: Andrew Wilson Photography