Sandy Bay House 5

The scope of the project involved the conversion of an existing sitting room, laundry, powder room and workshop into a Zen meditation space, expanded sitting area and new bathroom/laundry.

The highlight of the project was the incorporation of genuine tatami mats as the floor surface of the Zen room, genuine shoji screen doors, leading from an existing dining area into the new sitting space. The intention was to create a tranquil setting for the client to relax and enjoy in authentic meditative environment.

One of the biggest challenges was to ensure that the Zen room was meticulously constructed to successfully receive the tatami grid layout with almost zero tolerance for error.

Through skillful design, the use of Tas ash veneer plywood wall and ceiling linings, further enhanced a sense of calm and connection to the authentic spaces.

Year Built: 2022
Architect / Designer: Matt Williams Architects
Engineer: Gandy & Roberts
Building Surveyor: Pitt & Sherry Building Surveyors
Project Manager: Jason Wagner
Project Foreman: Chris Walters
Photographer: Eyefood